The comfort of great food.

For many moons, when I was just a small lad, I sat near my father’s kitchen marveling at the wonders that would come from it.  I say my father’s kitchen, even though my mother pumped many baked goods through it, delicious ones at that, it was my father’s cooking that reigned supreme.  Unlike most family’s 30 years ago, my dad was the chef, king of the culinary cuisine, Lord and master of everything Food.  And anything that went in or out of that kitchen during the dawn of my youth had to be met with my father’s approval.  His intimate understanding came from some closer relationship with food that I always tried but could never understand, nor could it be taught as a lesson.  Like playing an instrument, it had to be learned slowly over time.

Being that young, and having both parents working steady, well paiding jobs, we had a knack, as a unit, for taking vacations in the summer, and spending all the holidays with the whole family.  And whatever element was present: rain, snow, blizzard, wind, no firewood, two blocks of salt and a blowfish, dad could always whip up a feast that would amaze anyone lucky enough to be eating with us.  And everyone at our gatherings, whenever we would have them, always made sure he was the one with the apron, so-to-speak.

My family, and our company, was never short on it’s fair share of troubles, or heartache.  There was bickering, fighting, or short squabbles, but always, when the table was set, everyone seemed happy.  It took me years to realize this was not the aftereffect of forgiveness, but the denoument of Food.  Great comfort food.

We as humans are creatures of our stomachs; we eat to live.  It’s the strongest drive we have in our body … to survive.  It overrides procreation, staying warm, keeping dry, having fun, laughing, smiling, and even attending the fucking ice capades. (thank you George!)  So why do we feel happy after a great meal?  We’re creatures of the stomach.  In a way, we’re all gastronerds.  And it’s this joy through great food, connected directly to our lives that I wish to share with you.

So read my blog, and enjoy.

Go if you must, but stay for the food.

Food zen 

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